Wholesale Savories & Frozen Products

Gokul Foods has an extensive range of product line in freshly packaged savories. Available to private retail outlets and businesses. We have a very successful frozen foods line and are currently supplying nationwide.

Our frozen products are produced with our special recipes to give you a delicious consistent taste and experience every time. We are perfectly equipped to house wholesale service and contracts and follow strict food and hygiene working standards. we have a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a food safety management system in a place that is essential for all successful food businesses. Here are some of the products we produce on a daily basis.

Farar Pettis
Paneer Rolls
Pattra Rolls
Peas Kachori
Peas Pettis
Soya Samosa
Spring Rolls
Vegetarian Samosa
Vegetarian samosa (no onions)

Bhavnagri Gathiya
Chora fari
Farsi Puri
Garlic gathiya
Gokul Mix
Gopa puri
Makhni Ghatiya

Besan Ladu
Bundi Ladu
Carrot Halwa
Coconut Chocolate Barfi
Dry Fruits Barfi
Dudhi Halwa
Fruit Salad
Gajar Halwa with Icecream
Gor Na Ladu
Green Coconut Barfi
Gulab Jamboo
Kala Jamboo
Kesar Penda
Loose Bundi
Malai Jamboo
Mango Fruit Barfi
Mango Pulp
Mava Penda
Motichur Ladu
Pink Coconut Barfi
Plain chocolate Barfi
Shrikand with dry fruit
Shrikand with fresh fruit
Strawberry barfi
Warm Amrutpak
Warm auradiya
Warm Carrot Halwa
Warm Dudhi Halwa
Warm Mohanthal
White barfi
Buni & Mini Jambun
Churma Ladu

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